Good Works Hawaii is an independent news channel that has been created to amplify the voices of local Hawaiian influencers. The channel is dedicated to showcasing the good work that is being done in the community and promoting positive change. Good Works Hawaii covers a wide range of topics, including health, education, social justice, and environmental issues.good works hawaii

The channel was created by a group of Hawaii-based journalists who wanted to create a platform for local influencers to share their stories and connect with the community. Through their coverage, Good Works Hawaii aims to inspire and empower the people of Hawaii to create positive change in their own communities.

One of the unique features of Good Works Hawaii is its focus on community journalism. The channel is committed to covering stories that may not receive attention from mainstream news outlets, but that are important to the people of Hawaii. Through their reporting, Good Works Hawaii aims to give a voice to those who may not otherwise be heard.

Good Works Hawaii also aims to promote transparency and accountability in local government and institutions. The channel investigates issues that affect the community, such as environmental concerns and social justice issues, and holds those in power accountable for their actions.

In addition to its journalism, Good Works Hawaii also provides a platform for local businesses and organizations to promote their own good works. The channel regularly features local businesses that are making a positive impact in their community, and provides a space for them to share their stories and connect with the public.

Overall, Good Works Hawaii is an important and valuable resource for the people of Hawaii. Its dedication to community journalism and promoting positive change in the community sets it apart from other news channels, and its coverage has the potential to inspire and empower the people of Hawaii to make a difference in their own communities.