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Local- Worldwide- The Ringer NBA SHOW. - On Grizzlies Live pre/post games. Watch that. Twitter - @ChrisVernonShow

Told @deyontadavis_231 that I could get buckets on him. It worked out very poorly. Video will be on Please don't watch it

A beautiful Sunday at the @fesjcmemphis - they do such a great job with the tournament, and the attn drawn to @stjude is so special

Was upstairs so ready for post game show. Thought something special might happen. It did. My view of the moment...

Game 4. That happened.

Game 3


this is a keeper. Calkins article about our crew today in the CA is great. Thanks to all of you that watch.

Game 82. Another regular season in the books. So thrilled that Brevin's brother, Devin Knight was able to join us tonight.

Sat down with Vince Carter for a conversation about the season, the future, etc. This was fun. Full video at

Me and my new best friend, @butlerblue3 - the NCAA will not allow him in arena. Well, we will see about that. I'm gettin him in if it's the last thing I do. Not all heroes wear capes. Video at

Grizzlies Wrestling Night with my new best friends XPac and Diamond Dallas Page. Just tough guys actin tough.

Me and @chefkellyenglish filmed cooking show in honor of @marcgasol bbq set night. Check out full video at

Two Associates. Today we got to know Grizzlies assoc head coach JB Bickerstaff on the podcast. Great stories/ great guy. Find all the listen/subscribe links at

Get it.

TWO GIANTS. Brandan Wright (@bkw34) on Chris Vernon Show today. He is fantastic. for links/listen/ subscribe

If you can't sing the next line, something is seriously wrong with you, and you cannot be trusted 😂 @garthbrooks still the man. puts on amazing show

Got to chop it up with my new best friend @garthbrooks today. Check for interview. What a world

Happy 40th, Vince Carter. I was such a huge fan for so long, then getting to know him over these past few years has only made me a bigger fan. He was as big a star as you could possibly be, and you would never know by way he acts and treats everyone. Ask anyone in that organization. Thrilled he has been a Grizzly, and celebrates 40 in a uniform.

NICK VAN EXEL on The Chris Vernon Show podcast today. Could talk basketball and here his stories for hours. Check it out. The pod and all links to listen/ subscribe at The rock handle like Van Exellllll (jay-z voice)

William and Evan literally grew up together. Best buddies. Now live apart and go to different schools, so don't see each other much. Evan showed up at his bday party. waterworks.

@WWE Smackdown Live. We ready. the @becklynchwwe light up goggles in full effect 😂

WWE Superstar @beckylynchwwe in houuuuu. Taught me her whole intro. Videos comin out later today on

Was cool to meet and see everyone work with at @ringer this week. the boss

The RINGER NBA SHOW Podcast w/ Jimmy Goldstein is up. Go get it. He was insanely gracious and house was beyond amazing. If you missed tour - I periscoped a vid that is on twitter feed. Check it out. What a world.

The Dude. Check out Ringer NBA Podcast droppin w/ Jimmy Goldstein. His house was most amazing thing ever seen. This happened.


Sooooo... 2016 was quite memorable. Joining the @memgrizz #GrindCityMedia venture and getting a call from Bill Simmons to work for The Ringer is not what would have expected, but all happened. Thank you to all of you for all the love and rockin with me. I'm forever grateful. Super excited about what have planned for 2017. The best is yet to come.

Christmas 2016. A Certified G and the Frozen bike I have heard about every day for 2 months. Shout out to Santa. 🎅🏻

Such a sad day. Craig Sager was an awesome guy that helped me when he didn't have to. Will be so missed. RIP

Last night was a hero for Grizzlies. GET TO KNOW... Toney Douglas is the podcast today. He is awesome, and funny, and you will love him. All Listen/Subscribe links at Easssssy. #GameWinners

Chris Vernon Podcast today w/ Troy Daniels. Get to know him. He was great. has all listen/subscribe links. Getit, getit. #TwoShooters

#FizzFriday at the @memgrizz game. Me, Brev, and Fish rockin the Fizdale glasses. 🤓

Chris Vernon Show Podcast today is w/ @chandlerparsons - you will love it. He was hilarious. or can get it on iTunes or Soundcloud (just search name). Subscribe if haven't. Yes, i'm the hot one.