Sauce Boss (@nolasauceboss)

Sauce Boss

Justin Landry and Ryan Moragas' new BBQ truck is coming soon. Catch us Wed at the kingpin at 6pm and Sat at The Drifter. COME GET SAUCED!!!

Posted up @kingpinnola with this sick ass tent we got so we can set up rain or shine! Come stop by and if it's pouring down raining you'll get 20% less moist than you would have before! #youllstillgetmoist #getstuffed #sauceyboyz

Time to harvest. These beautiful peppers are going straight into jambalaya tomorrow @thedrifterhotel #saucebossgarden

Come to the @thedriftermotel and make your day better! If you don't wanna show off a brisket filled belly by the pool we got a watermelon salad that'll do ya right n keep it tight. It's lit! #sauceinthesun

CALLING ALL NERDS! Now yall too can taste what they stuff their faces with over at the cool kids table. We're sellin' these sweet ass fries loaded with meats again tonight (plus all the other usual stuff) @kingpinnola. Put your stretchy pants on and come through! #treatyoself #meatyoself #finallycool

Loaded fries and a pool, what more do you want?! And a DJ is coming later so that you can eat and dance and swim all at the same time! Come to the Drifter tonight and have the best night of your long and depressing life!!! #saucethepainaway

It's summer time! It's hot outside! You need to go to a pool. You need to eat good food. Come catch us at our new Saturday spot @thedrifterhotel and do both! We'll be servin' meats and other treats starting at noon. #sauceandswim #sauceandwin #saucingisfun #sauceinthesun

Like Sauce Boss? Like Bob Ross? We do too!! Come see us tomorrow at 6 @kingpinnola and get your own little masterpiece for your mouth!
#letsgetcrazy #happylittleaccidents #paintisoursecretrecipe #sauceyboyz #saucebross #reallygetinthere #bbqross #treetrop #droptop #whoneedsartschool

The sauce gods are bringing blessings tonight @kingpinnola #racksonracksonracks

No rain out tonight you jabronies. We'll be @kingpinnola tonight at 6 to sauce you playboys and playgirls up right. #getfull #toomuchsauce #yallaintready #issomethingonmyface #sauceyboyz

Since we don't want to do this all night, we'll be taking the night off from saucing all you sorry suckers. See yall next week (weather permitting) @kingpinnola at 6. Stay saucey New Orleans. #therainhidesthetears #wethairdontcare #flipflopsandraindrops #gettingsowet #sauceyboyz

Heres a lil something to dream about. See yall tomorrow @kingpinnola at 6pm. #juicy #moist #wet #sauceyboyz

Griding down the stainless steel so it will look as attractive as we are. Work in progress but its coming along. #stayclassy #steadyprogress #saucyboyz

Introducing the newest member of the family, PORK BELLY SLIDERS!!! They look pretty sexy next to some brisket and mac. COME GETCHU SOME FAM! Slangin' that good good @kingpinnola now till we sell out. #putourbelliesinyourmouth #getsauced #sauceyboyz

Smoked cracklings @kingpinnola tonight. Come chow down yall! #eatourmeat

Great day for a base tan. Come check us out tomorrow @kingpinnola from 6 till we sell out and see what all the fuss is about. WE GOT YOUR BACK!!! #notanlines #thankyousaucegods #toomuchsauce #saucebosschallenge

So good you won't even realize you're eating in a ditch! Slingin' them meats tonight @kingpinnola till we sell out. #getdownandgetit #needmoresauce #ditchbaby #saucebae

Ya know what they say, a couple that sauces together bosses together. @chlamlydia_ @honkisflea #toomuchsauce #needmoresauce #seriouslytoomuchsauce #saucebosschallenge Come taste our stuff tomorrow evening @kingpinnola and maybe you can be as happy as we are...

The trucks gettin close yall! While trying to keep yall sauced up @kingpinnola on Wednesday night we've been making steady progress on building it out. We will be mobile delivering the best smoked meats and sauces all over the city in no time! #staysaucy #saucyboyz #toomuchsauce #saucebossnola

Yall gonna come in time to eat these ribs or naw?! @kingpinnola till we sell out so get em while you can. LETS GET SAUCED TOGETHER!! #sauceyboyz #toomuchsauce #needmoresauce

COME GET SAUCED WITH US! We'll be slangin meats starting at 6pm tonight @kingpinnola. #sauceyboyz #saucegod #toomuchsauce #needmoresauce #saucebosschallenge

Mopping and sloppin #brisketlife

Pickling red onion rings @kingpinnola tonight

Tomorrow night @kingpinnola serving up fresh greens straight from my garden as well as our delicious smoked meats

Come get it yall. The saucy boys are serving bbq sandwiches till 10 @kingpinnola #sauceyboyz

It's bout to get saucy at @kingpinnola tonight! We'll be there around 6 to help you fill your mouth holes till your heart's content. COME GET FULL! #toomuchsauce

Tonight @kingpinnola and every Wednesday

Brisket makes you happy. Come get happy with us. We'll be sellin this sweet sweet meat till 3 @kingpinnola #sauceyboyz